About Us

Our family enjoys farming and is focused on Red Angus cattle for their moderate size and easy and calm temperament. We have young children and want the experience on the farm to be fun and not dangerous or stressful. We use traditional techniques pared with high intensity grazing to provide cattle the best nutrition and quality of life.  


We buy, sell and lease quality Red Angus, Black Angus and Hereford cattle in Northwest Wisconsin. We specialize in commercial cattle to keep costs lower and use registered AI sires to continually improve the genetics. Registered breeding cattle are also available on a limited basis.

We buy cattle at market rates, but cover the cost of hauling and there are no sales fees. We sell and lease cattle we don't have room for - ask for more details on leasing options.


SWYR Breeding Bull Program:

Sawyer Creek can provide your small farm with a new AI sired bull every two years. Ask for more details.


Direct Marketing Beef Sales:

We offer high quality beef to local customers at a fair and reasonable price. Raised on mixed grass/legume pastures, supplemented with basic minerals. Know where your food is coming from - Buy local. Grocery store beef comes from out of country and or over-crowded stock yards.