Our Mission, Vision, and Goals

Sawyer Creek Cattle Company's Business Model is reflective of its core principles and goals in regard to its Mission, Vision, and Goals.

Mission Statement:

The mission of Sawyer Creek Cattle is to sell healthy, flavorful, and sustainable beef options to and for our local community. We care deeply for our animals and land to sustain operations for the next generation. We use a 100% grass-fed all-natural protocol to raise cattle the way nature intended.

Vision Statement:

We raise beef to provide care and sustainment for the next generation.


1. Out-perform national standards for finishing beef on grass, minimize herd loss due to illness and natural occurrences, and to continue to grow our breeding cattle sales along with our direct sales of finished beef. 

2. Uphold and follow-through with operational goals over the next three years to include: a) predict within 5% the total amount of winter feed required to maintain the herd; (b) keep payroll costs below 15% of gross revenue sales; (c) keep accurate cattle and equipment records; and (d) always ensure safety is our top priority and have zero accidents.

3. Keep our cattle healthy with minimal assistance needed throughout the year, which will ultimately lower expenses and increase profits.

4. Practice soil management through annual soil sampling and no tillage to keep the microorganisms and nutrients in the soil in order to maintain environmental stability and keep the pastures healthy and thriving.