Red Angus Breeding Stock - Bulls & Heifers

It's time to choose a bull for your herd.  By far the easiest way to ensure your cattle are bred is to find the right bull for the cattle you have and turning him out at the right time to give you calves during the time you most prefer.  

As we grow, we continue to have options to purchase heifers,  bred cows and cow calf pairs as well. If you have any interest in learning about any aspect of breeding cattle, please drop us a line.

Our Bulls are:
Registered/Pure Bred Red Angus
- Semen Tested
- Vaccinated
- Guaranteed to Breed
- Buy Back Program
- Low Maintenance
- Calm Disposition
- Calving Ease

Price for our bulls this year will range from $2500 to $3500 for a full registered yearling. Deposit for each bull will be $1,000 and is FCFS.