Why buy Sawyer Creek Cattle Company's beef?

Go Grass-Fed

Out with grain-fed—in with grass-fed. Grass-fed beef is an all-around healthier option for your diet and the planet. It's higher in vitamins A and E, is packed with antioxidants, contains fewer calories, and supports healthy blood sugar levels. It's a great heart-healthy option as well, being lower in saturated fats and containing more omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. It further provides an incredible benefit to the environment and our farm and ranch. When animals have plenty of space to graze in Shell Lake and Hayward, they improve soil health and nutrients, enhance run-off water quality, increase biodiversity, and reduce carbon footprints. In all, healthier meats and ecosystems result from grass-fed cattle (talk about a win-win).   


Rotational Grazing

We use an approach called MIRG, or Management Intensive Rotational Grazing for our grass-fed beef. We move our cattle at the farm and ranch and give them access to specific parts of the pasture every set number of days based on their nutritional needs. Doing so not only maximizes their diet quality, but makes them easier to manage, results in less waste, and increases the soil fertility of our land in Shell Lake and Hayward. It also improves air and water quality and has a positive impact on the overall environment. We use this practice to further provide the healthiest option for our meats and to utilize the land available to its fullest potential without inundating the soils with synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. 

Quality Red Angus Genetics

Our premium quality meats come from our premium quality Red Angus cattle. We specialize in optimizing breeding practices and producing top-quality cattle for ourselves and other small farms in Northwestern Wisconsin. Each year, we also partner with local farmers to help provide the best available breeding genetics at the best prices. 

SWYR - Red Angus Association 4-letter Identifier



Regenerative Agriculture

We're supporting future generations and providing healthier options through sustainable practices. Regenerative agriculture allows us to farm and ranch in harmony with nature through managed grazing and pasturing and other more sustainable practices for our grass-fed beef in Shell Lake and Hayward and surrounding areas. It contributes to more nutrient-dense meats as well as improves air and water quality, strengthens ecosystems, promotes biodiversity, and utilizes far fewer chemicals and pesticides. In addition, when looking for strong cattle breeding animals we have the top quality you are looking for that will produce the kind of animals we all strive for.